MPERS International has launched their global security division under the Director of Special Operations, Mr James Biesterfeld.

Mr Biesterfeld has been in the security sector for 45 years with a 20-year career in the US Army, where he served as a Criminal Investigator and a Special Agent in the Intelligence field. His areas of specialties include Counter-Terrorism, Intelligence/Counter-intelligence operations (to include counter-espionage), Specialized Security/CT training, Advance Operations for protection operations and special operations.

“Security” for any entity is an amorphous term, at best. What we hope to achieve is to become a “one stop shop” for security needs for any entity world-wide.

We look at security in two forms:  Physical Security and Personnel Security.  This is accomplished by conducting the following tests:

  • Threat Assessment: What are you afraid of and what are you trying to protect?

  • Vulnerability Assessment: How susceptible are you to any of the established threats, real and perceived?

  • Needs Assessment: After an evaluation, what enhancements are required to bring your Security posture to where it needs to be?

  • Our Threat Management Specialist, selected from the best and most experienced minds from the Military, Intelligence entities and Law Enforcement will perform these services on your behalf to establish what your entity needs to protect itself.

Once the criteria are established, we then develop a plan that will provide the client with the perfect blend of professional security personnel and technology to ensure the client is protected to the greatest extent possible.

Assigning quality security personnel has always been an issue.  SW selects personnel with the finest and verifiable backgrounds from Tier 1 military entities and Special Operations Law Enforcement personnel.  The protection of our clients is the first order and the people we provide must be expert in their fields and mission oriented towards the superlative nature of our support.

Our services are diverse including general investigations, undercover operations, Threat & Vulnerability Analysis, Stalking Intervention, Workplace Violence Intervention, Counter-Terrorism Specialized training for public and private sector entities.

Whether a client requires high-end technology, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Executive Protection, Access Control personnel, Counter-Intelligence support or static security posts, MPERS will be your singular resource for your security needs.

To discuss your company’s safety and security needs, please email us your requirements today at