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Survivor Watch SAPIO Monitoring

The Survivor Watch has a national footprint when it comes to our 24/7 monitoring service with an A1 monitoring centre manned by dedicated in-house staff and an experienced team of over 300.

It is important that you only use an A1 Certified monitoring centre because insurers can deny claims if a non standard compliant monitoring system is in use. Police can also refuse to accept any calls from non-accredited monitoring centres if they cannot provide an Alpha code.

Putting trust into your family, loved ones or an office call center provider is simply not an option! 

Our monitoring center with SAPIO Monitoring delivers an end to end solution that is designed to fit your requirements and reduce your risk.

Trusted by businesses across Australia.

As the largest Australian owned and operated security company, SAPIO Monitoring combines the expertise, flexibility and responsiveness of leading independent security provider SAPIO Security, with SAPIO connectivity and flair for innovation.

Rest assured you're being monitored by the best in this country.